Registration of Death

It is necessary for a death to be registered by the next-of-kin or executor, normally before a burial or cremation can take place. The procedure is as follows:

The registration must take place in the Registrars Office for the area in which the death occured.

You will need a Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death (issued by the doctor or hospital). If available, take with you the deceased's Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and Medical Card.

The Registrar will issue a Green Form, this must be handed to the funeral director as soon as possible, or the funeral may be delayed.

The Registrar will issue a White Form regarding Pensions and Benefits. This form should be sent to the office which administered the deceased's pension/benefit. (If the deceased had a Pension Book, please enclose this with the form.)

You may require Certified Copies of a Death Certificate for personal matters: e.g., Bank Accounts/Insurance Policies/Building Societies or other financial matters. These are obtained from the Registrar upon payment of the necessary fee.

Deaths reported to H.M. Coroner
A death cannot be registered until the Coroner has issued a death certificate direct to the Registrar concerned.

The death must be registered.

Registration can take place after the funeral, but must be completed within 14 days.

Coroner's Inquest
You will only need to visit the Registrar to obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate.

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